The Building

Brava beyond the surface.

The Architect

From the minds of Munoz + Albin.

Founded in 2000, Munoz + Albin is a design and architecture firm of international acclaim. The collective vision for Brava was focused on, quite frankly, the views. Set at 45-degrees to the site, Brava breaks the mold of traditional, rectangular high-rise buildings bound by city blocks – allowing for uninterrupted views for each and every resident. In terms of form, Munoz + Albin were inspired by the port city’s roots – designing a tower in the shape of a wind-filled sail anchored by a modern, geometric mass at ground level.

The History

Modern design rich in historic influence.

Brava is set near the Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou – the recognized birthplace of the city of Houston. Once the site of a small marketplace, it became part of the Houston Chronicle facility housing the newspaper’s parking garage.

In design, Brava honors this history in multiple ways. Components of the architecture and interiors move in an abstracted way, intersecting two straight lines against a curve to resemble the undulating Houston Bayous that so clearly define the city of Houston. Equally, the exterior glass and key interior walls are similar to how paper folds over rollers in the newspaper printing process: straight line – curve – straight line.